Design Pacifica

Services include:

  • Mechanical design, machine design, product design
  • CAD drafting, technical writing, desktop publishing
  • Prototype development, manufacturing consulting, machining
  • Consulting, training, programming, and technical support
  • Commercial software development
  • Implementation assistance. ANSI, ASME, company drafting standards

Electric Vehicles

This section of our web site is dedicated to my electric vehicles and EV issues such as charging infrastructure and availability. I have had long time interest in electric vehicles, renewable energy, and solar power. I belong to the Electric Auto Association and have participated in some their sponsored rallies and shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. I plan on expanding this section of the web site with applicable information and links. I have included details on some of the custom EVs that I have built and some of the older commercial EVs that I have owned and restored.

Design Pacifica Shop

This section of our web site is dedicated to our equipment, machinery and machine shop capabilities. I consider myself an engineer but still like to do machine work. I did a considerable amount of machining while attending college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Engineering students at Cal Poly are required to take a number of machine shop and manufacturing classes. Most of the mechanical engineering students put those lessons to practical use when doing their senior projects which often requires considerable shop work. Even if we did not become skilled machinists, it gave of an appreciation of the processes. After I graduated and went to work as a design engineer at Schlage Lock Company, we had a complete model shop at our disposal. The shop was manned by highly skilled machinists who could make anything we designed while holding exact tolerances. I very much respected their work but was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to make any of my own parts.

Over that years, I’ve had the chance to do machine work on a variety of projects. More recently, I have a equipped a shop of my own to work on electric vehicles, recreational equipment, new machine tool designs, and other projects for Design Pacifica. You’ll see from this site that I am partial to the older American iron (machine tools).

We are equipped to do a variety of electronic, electrical, and mechanical work in our shop. Any design work that requires prototyping or construction beyond our shop capabilities is sourced to outside vendors.